Poultry :1ml per 4 liters of fresh drinking water.

OR SPRAY 250 ml / ton feed

Swine, sheep and pets: 10ml / head.

Cattle: 60ml / head (60ml / 500 kgs).

Equine and Camels: 60ml / head (60ml / 500 kgs).

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zymogen (L)

liquid digestive enzymes


- ZYMOGEN contains the optimum blend of digestive enzymes to suit both high energy diets for broilers and fiber rich diets for commercial layers.

- Feed with high corn-soya proportion is rich in Non-Starch Polysaccharides, which increases the gut viscosity thereby, reduces the nutrient availability.

Zymogen breaks down the Non -Starch Polysaccharides present in the fiber fraction of corn, wheat, soya, sunflower extract, other fiber rich ingredients and releases the hidden energy from the feed stuffs.

- Improves digestibility of high energy feed

- Facilitates endogenous and exogenous enzymes activities.

- Releases hidden nutrients for better utilization .

- Improves weight gain and FCR .

- Allows to economize the feed formulation-Least Cost Formulation.

- Reduces the gut viscosity.

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​12 plastic bottles of (32 oz.) in carton box.


Amylase - Protease - Lipase - Cellulase - Xylanase - Pectinase

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Keep out of reach of children.