Directions for use:

 -1 liter per crop cycle/acre. Multiple applications work best. Best response results where product is concentrated in the root zone through drip irrigation or soil injection.

-For spary : 1 liter per 20 liter / 1 acre.


Bacillus subtilis - Bacillus licheniformis -kelps - yucca extract  - N.P.K. - some minerals.

    zamax agro (LIQUID)

fungicidal - immune booster


 Zamax agro is an environmentally-friendly fungicide When introduced, Bacillus has an impact on plant health through three mechanisms: 1-antagonism of pests and pathogens by producing a broad-spectrum Iturin antibiotic that disrupts the cell-wall formation of pathogens .

2- promotion of plant health and nutrition as well.

3- boosting crop defenses. Because it triggers an advantageous Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) in plants, whereby a plant's natural immune system is activated to fight plant diseases.


1-Directly competes against soil-borne pathogens by quickly colonizing a plant's root hairs with beneficial bacteria, thereby crowding out disease-producing microbes and creating a "shield" to protect plants.

2-Produces strong Iturin antibiotics that kill pathogens by disrupting cell wall formation.

3-Creates a highly beneficial Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) by stimulating the plant's phytohormones and natural immune system to better resist diseases.

4-Acts as a Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacterium (PGPR) that stimulates better rooting and better overall growth.

5-Is non-selective to plant materials, and thus is beneficial to all types of agricultural crops including vegetables, herbs, fruits, citrus and nuts. Works at all growth stages, from seeds to plug to harvest.

6-Contains gram-positive bacteria which survive in even extreme environmental conditions including heat and drought, making it a durable and reliable fungicide that growers can trust.

7-Can be applied through all types of irrigation systems.


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