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v-vac (L)

vaccine stabilizer

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* V-VAC is a balanced formula designed to render a suitable media for the vaccine either in water by prevention of the undesirable effects of chemical and biological pollution or inside the body as it stimulates the immune response.

* V-VAC facilitates the biological absorption and increases the metabolism of vaccines.

* V-VAC prevents the post-dilution shock for living and attenuated viral and bacterial vaccines.

* V-VAC has an specific non-essential amino acid characterized by its antiacid effect in the gut, so it optimizes the gastric pH. * V-VAC has an enzyme that is a strong antioxidant and anti-stress. * V-VAC is a very strong dechlorination agent.


Sodium Thiosulfate Pentahydrate - L-Glutamic acid - Sodium citrate - Sorbitol


Keep out of reach of children.


​12 plastic bottles of (32 oz.) in carton box.


50 ML  of V-VAC / 1000 liters of fresh water which is ready to use in vaccination.