​12 plastic bottles of (32 oz.) in carton box.


- Betaine helps in the production of Acetylcholine essential for the transmission of nerve impulse.

- Betaine is essential for transamilation reaction (Transamilation reaction: Transfer of amino group between two compound for the formation of new essential compound). It is essential for detoxification reaction.

- Vitamin B12 helps in the formation of Co-enzyme that helps in carbohydrate and protein metabolism

- Betaine, Vitamin B12, Inositol .. Protect the liver from Fatty Liver Syndrome or Fatty Changes by removing excess fat so, it keeps liver in healthy, strong & protective condition. - Niacin also helps in carbohydrate metabolism.

- Aids in development of a smooth, shining and strong coat.


Betaine -L.Carnitine-Dl-Methionine-Vitamin B12-Niacin-Inositol-Biotin Folic Acid-Sorbitol


Keep out of reach of children.

withdrawal times


hepapix (L)

liver tonic| growth promotor

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Poultry :1ml per 3 liters of fresh drinking water.

Swine, sheep and pets: 10ml / head.

Cattle: 60ml / head (60ml / 500 kgs).

Equine and Camels: 60ml / head (60ml / 500 kgs).