**In drinking water:

In chicks, chickens, and turkeys: 50:100 ml/1000L( 1:2 ml/20 L).

Other animals: 10-20 gm per 100 KGs of body weight.

**By spray method: In poultry: For 10000 animals first two weeks

100 mls / 5 Ls after 2 weeks 250 mls /10 Ls .

withdrawal times


air-breez (L)

broncho dilator| ANTI  STRESS


​12 plastic bottles of (32 oz.) in carton box.

24 plastic bottles of (16 oz.) in carton box.


- Airbreez is a natural product composed of essential oils and contributes to proper functioning of the upper respiratory system.

- Airbreez soothes the respiratory tract and has anti-inflammatory and anti-stress properties.

- Airbreez is a complete solution for respiratory distress in different respiratory diseases of bacterial and viral origin.

- Contents of AIRBREEZ are extremely important for the relief of congestive respiratory disorders.

- AIRBREEZ used to free bronchi before the race FOR horses and camels.( bronchi dilator).

- AIRBREEZ used as assistant in the treatment of the respiratory infections.


Eucalyptus Oil - Peppermint (Menthol) Oil - Thyme oil - Pine oil 


- It shouldn’t be use 2 days before and after antibiotic treatment and live vaccine application.

- Keep out of reach of children.

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